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Everyone I Know

A weekly or sorta weekly podcast where two opinionated brothers spout their beliefs on mundane topics with their unfortunate guests.

Three topics. Two brothers. One guest.

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Mar 6, 2020

Guest: Julie

Topics: Why Lunch is the Best MEAL, Let's Make a Cult Ya'll, Reality Television

Feb 28, 2020

Guest: Zach aka DJ Psoriasis

Topics: Guilty pleasure Music, Spiritual Stuff you Believe, and Let's Find Some Jobs for Failed Primary Candidates why don't we?

Feb 21, 2020

Guest: Steve

Topics -  Magic Music, Hair outa Hair, Pappa Show Down

Feb 14, 2020

Guest: The Man Behind PS/FS Baird

Topics - The Best Sandwich, The Films of John Carpenter, Traffic Circles

Feb 7, 2020

Guest(s) - Marty and Dan

Topics: Our Most Conservative Opinions, Songs About Trains (planes and automobiles), Cruise for the Edge